Where are the comments?

This is a blog, so there must be a way to comment, right?

I wish I could allow comments, but I can’t. Why? A couple of reasons.

#1: I’m here to write, but I know myself.

It’s so easy for me to get distracted when I should be writing. Don’t let me be on my laptop when I’m working on a draft. I can get sidetracked for hours researching the most trivial shit. I actually spent hours researching English-language bookstores in Eilat for a fanfic that has nothing to do with English-language bookstores in Eilat. While I was looking for a way to put a link that sentence, I looked that up again!

So, as much as I love getting thoughtful comments about my work, I need to be careful. If I don’t check myself, I can get stuck thinking, “Why isn’t anybody saying anything?  Am I doing enough to promote the blog? Should I build a mailing list? What if I did this thing or that thing or some other thing?”

All the time I spend responding to, worrying about, and trying to get comments is time that I’m not writing the damn thing.

#2: It only takes one asshole to ruin things for everyone.

Another reason for not allowing comments has to do with the nature of the Internet.

I intend for this to be a positive, inspiring place where you can see me do this and know that you can do it too. However, the sad fact is that a lot of people online use negativity to get attention. I don’t want that energy near this space.

Listen, I don’t expect everyone to understand or like what I do, but if some asshole wants to be mean and nasty and racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/antisemitic/etc., they can do it on their own time and on their own blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, Google Plus, or what have you where I don’t have to see it.

The time I spend moderating comments, trying to keep this blog safe from spam and assholes, is time that I’m not writing the damn thing.

What should you do if you want to talk about something you read here?

If you want to start a conversation about this blog or one of its posts, the best way to do that is to share a link on your own website, blog, or social media. Yes, it boosts traffic here, but it also creates more opportunities for people to participate and be inspired by what they find here.